Welcome to Argentina Doves Unlimited – the world’s preeminent dove hunting experience – also offering completely customizable and diverse mixed bag hunts in the beautiful and untapped region of Northwestern Argentina. Guests of ADU enjoy the highest concentration of doves in Argentina and unlimited shooting in a NEW FRONTIER! During the mixed-bag season, guests will also have the option to hunt coveted wild pigeons over decoys, exciting perdiz behind well trained pointers, and even ducks – from one conveniently located lodge! ADU offers exciting, affordable, and customizable programs allowing guests to enjoy the most enjoyable and diverse experience in Argentina.

“Not one day in over ten trips to Cordoba did I see the numbers of birds that I saw here every day” H. Snyder San Antonio, Texas


Northwestern Argentina | Tucuman, Catamarca & Santiago del Estero Provinces
Hunters from North America travel overnight to Buenos Aires (EZE), transfer to the domestic airport (AEP) for a connecting two-hour flight to one of four conveniently located airports with Aerolineas Argentina or Lan Airlines. From the airport, hunters are transported approximately an hour to hour and a half to the lodge and straight to the field for the first afternoon shoot. Most travelers elect to spend at least one night in Buenos Aires on the front end. Our concierge service and travel agents in Buenos Aires will assist with guns, ground transfers, tours, hotel reservations, and domestic airfare with the local airlines.
High Volume Doves, Pigeons over decoys, Perdiz behind bird dogs, and Ducks
Dove hunting is year-round and there are no bag limits. Shooting is mind blowing year round for doves, but the most popular months are late April-October during the local harvest period. Pigeon shooting is also best during this period. Perdiz and Ducks are hunted May 15th – August 1st
Both experienced and novice hunters are welcome as well are couples, families, and friends. ADU should not be overlooked by any bird hunter – especially those who are exhausted with the crowds and high concentration of shooting programs in Cordoba. ADU’s lodge, Posada del Cazador, offers a boutique vibe unlike many larger shooting programs. As few as six guests can lock up the lodge exclusively to their group and enjoy the world class hunting, food and beverage, great service, and the beautiful area with a stunning lodge! ADU’s custom programs allow guests to enjoy exactly the program they want without a commercialized feeling. Simply said: ADU’s programs allow you to shoot a lot more for quite a bit less and also offer the most affordable and customizable mixed bag programs in all of Argentina.
3 nights / 6 hunts: $1,495 per person
4 nights / 8 hunts: $1,995 per person
5 nights / 10 hunts: $2,495 per person
Pigeons: Additional $200 per day per hunter (when available)
Ducks: Additional $300 per day per hunter (when available)
Perdiz: Additional $200 per day per hunter (when available)

Additional expenses include but are not limited to airfare to Buenos Aires, hotel and services in Buenos Aires, Airfare to hunting area with Aerolineas or Lan, Shotgun Shells, Hunting License, Gratuities, $160 Reciprocity Tax. (See RATES for details.)


ADU is not all about high volume doves